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Curt Carlson is in charge of the very institution where Doug and his ARC team produced and introduced their innovations to the world. His knowledge of technology and work with the governments provides valuable insight in to the environment Doug worked in.

SRI is a nonprofit research institute, is a pioneer in the creation and application of innovative solutions for governments, businesses, foundations, and other organizations, founded in 1946.

Before SRI, Carlson served 20 years with Sarnoff Corporation, a wholly owned SRI subsidiary. Carlson joined RCA Laboratories in 1973, which became part of SRI in 1987 as the Sarnoff Corporation. As head of Ventures and Licensing at Sarnoff, he helped found more than 12 new companies. He started and helped lead the high-definition television (HDTV) program at Sarnoff that became the U.S. standard and in 1997, won an Emmy® Award for outstanding technical achievement for Sarnoff. Another team started and led by Carlson won an Emmy in 2000 for a system that measures broadcast image quality.
Carlson has served on many government task forces, including the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, the Army Scientific Advisory Board, and on the Defense Science Board task force on bio-chemical defense. He was a member of the original team that helped create the Army's Federated Laboratories. He was a founding member of the National Information Display Laboratory (NIDL) at Sarnoff, a new model for government-industry technology development and commercialization. The original sponsor for the NIDL was the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), although the scope of the program included the entire intelligence community, the Department of Defense, and other government agencies. The program has grown to become the National Technology Alliance, run by NIMA, and hosted at Sarnoff and SRI International.