Here you can listen to Doug's story in his own words.

This list of interviews is either exhaustive nor alphabetical or even prioritised; the order is more or less the order in which it was recorded.

The pieces are casual conversations with Doug on different topics, not a lecture or a strict reference work.

Early Years

Childhood | Navy


Doug on his early epiphany and vision.

IntroductionParadigmsArgument MappingCars & Capabilities

Professional History

Why Did He Get Into This? | Practical Start | The Atlantic Monthly | 1968 Demo | Augment/NLS | History of the Internet | Always Group Collaboration? | The Internet & Computers Potential | Ideal Situation | Much Already Done, But Not In Widespread Use | Pride VS Frustration


Human-Computer Interface Issues | Human & Tool System | The Mouse | Options for Chorded Keyset | Hypertext/Hypermedia | Dynamic Linking | Networks | Windows | Operarting System Thoughts | Macros & Scripting | Command Language & Granularity | End User Programing


Why Bootstrap? | Evolutionary Processes | Bootstrapping - VS. Commercial Software


DKR | How Does OHS Relate TO DKR?


Capability Infrastructure | Collective IQ | Prevailing Paradigms | Urgent Complex Problems | Why Create More Than Current Software? | Automate vs. Augmentation

Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use | What About People Who Just Want To Get Their Job Done? | Speech & Voice Recognition Commands | WYSIWYG / WHSIAYG

Out Of History : Today

To put everything into context and to clarify, I asked Doug what he wants to have happen. Now. And he replied:

Doug's current project is to build what he calls a HyperScope, which is intended to, initially, make the Web more interactive. It is a part of his Open Hyperdocument System (OHS) which is a central part of his vision:

Various Pieces From Oxford 2004

Doug on building DKRs and so forth. Recorded at Ted Nelson's house.

Doug PMDoug PM 2Doug PM 3DKR OxfordDoug & TedDoug & Ted 2



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