Capability Infrastructure (ABC Activities)

Why do we need to work on the capability infrastructure, why don't we just spend a couple of million dollars and put a someprogramers to write great software and update it every couple of years?
Can you explain the 'ABC' levels?
Can you give an example?
So 'B' is all in the organization and 'C' outside?
Why not have 'D'?
Isn't there a fear that if you spread this out everyone will know too much about how others do their business?
Why don't we just let this be taken care of by Microsoft and outsourcing consultants?
Answer: The capability infrastructure is just a way to look at what's happening...


The ABC levels of activity of an organization.


The Capability Infrastructure is a result of the Human System and the Tool System, not either in isolation.

Keywords: Capability infrastructure, software, net capability to perform, language, explicitly improving the infrastructure, ABC, D, quality movement, accelerating the improvement process.
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