Why Did He Get Into This? Can you talk about the early history of why you got started?
Practical Start. How did you practically get started?
The Atlantic Monthly Article. Can you please talk about the inspiration from the Atlanic Monthly article Vannevar Bush wrote in 1945?
1968 Demo. Can you just talk a little of how the different pieces came together for the 1968 demo...
Augment/NLS. Can you talk a little about Augment/NLS and how it's relevant to the world today? (Question not recorded).
History of the Internet. Can you give us your version of the history of the Internet?
Always Group Collaboration? Has your work always been about group collaboration...
The Internet & Computers Potential. Recording started without question.
Ideal Situation. Let's go 5-10 years in the future, the ideal situation, what would it be like to work and learn in such an environment?
Much Already Done, But Not In Widespread Use. It seems that a lot of what you are talking about has already been implemented in Augment/NLS...
Pride VS Frustration Are you more proud of what you have accomplished or are you more frustrated over what's left to do?
Human-Computer Interface Issues.Can you talk about interface issues in general?
Human & Tool System. Can you talk a little about the human system vs. the tool system and their coevolution?
The Mouse. The mouse, it's the big thing everybody knows about, but it's not the whole story is it?
Options for Chorded Keyset. Considerng that getting new hardware on the market is very difficult, how about...
Hypertext/Hypermedia. What is Hypertext, where does it come from, what can it do and what is your involvement with it?
Dynamic Linking ...there are instructions in the URL?
Networks. Can you please talk a little about networks?
Windows. How would you like to see windows done differently?
Operarting System Thoughts. If you talk to one of the main operatig system companies today such as Apple (MacOS) or Microsoft (Windows)...
Macros & Scripting. Can you talk a little bit about macros and scripting?
Command Language & Granularity. Can you emphasizes the importance of command language and the importance of high granularity?
End User Programing. Can you talk about end user programing that's macro based?
Why Bootstrap? Why not just start with a great piece of software, why is bootstrapping so important?
Evolutionary Processes Can you talk a little about evolutionary processes?
Bootstrapping - VS. Commercial Software. How would bootstrapping compare to commercial software...
The Dynamic Knowledge Repository (DKR). Question & answer not applicable. The DKR entry is built around a diagram with attached sound files explaining different aspects of the DKR.
How Does OHS Relate TO DKR? How does OHS relate to DKR?
Capability Infrastructure (Human & Tool System. ABC Activities). Why do we need to work on the capability infrastructure...
Collective IQ. What is a collective IQ?
Prevailing Paradigms. Can you talk a little about prevailing paradigms?
Urgent Complex Problems. You mention urgent, complex problems. What are they?
Why Create More Than Current Software? Once you have a really good word processor, email program, Web browser and spreadsheet program, what more do you need?...
Ease Of Use/Automate vs. Augmentation. Everybody is talking about making things easier to use and getting things automated....
Ease Of Use. ...lot of people say you invented ease of use...
What About People Who Just Want To Get Their Job Done? You know all these things, you are into computers, you like it. What about all those people who just want to get their job done?
Speech & Voice Recognition Commands. Don't you think that computers are going to get so fast soon that you can just talk to them and tell it what to do?
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Isn't it great the we now have WYSIWYG technology...