How would you like to see windows done differently?
This could be done with a hierarchical menu for easy access?
Answer: In our environment a window was owned by its file, not by its application and you could bring any application...

Early display technology

"A user of a book, or of most on-line text systems, is constrained to viewing the text as though he had a window through which he sees a fixed, formatted document. But as described below, our worker can view a section of text in many ways, depending upon his need of the moment..." From Authorship Provisions in AUGMENT.

Keywords: Window, document, table, system, operate, editing, programing, file, views, double click, jump, command, view spec,
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.au 11.127 khz 16 bits mono with µLaw 2;1 compression.

Originally recorded on an Apple Macintosh PowerBook using a SONY ECM-T145 condenser microphone and Adobe Premiere audio/video editing software. The original recording was saved as a QuickTime file at 22 mhz, 16 bits with no compression.
Due to Doug's characteristically low voice it was then imported into a Premiere project where the volume was raised in the project timeline three times (no filter) and saved as a QuickTime movie.
The document was then finally imported into Apple's QuickTime Player and exported as .au at 11.127 khz, 16 bits mono with µLaw 2;1 compression resulting in the version playing here.

Recorded: Session 2. 7/25/2000. Interviewed at Dr. Engelbarts residence in Atherton, California, late in the evening by Frode Hegland @.


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