The style of the project is informal, intimate and lively, letting Doug Engelbart and the other characters speak their minds. This is not a technical history, it is a story of people and ideas. If you are interested in what computer model was used when, you'll have to dust off the history books.

This is a chance to see the people who changed our world in a production livened up with location footage and some relevant archival footage.

In fact, showing Doug as a person, giving the audience a feel for him, not just presenting 'speeches' and polished interviews is a important to us. You could say we are only producing a 'behind-the-scenes', not a traditional documentary.


The journey started with our trip to California early January 2003, as described in the Exploration Blog. The Blogs are an integral part of the voyage, giving you a glimpse of the making of the documentary as it's being made.These blogs are not all RSS blogs, menu are simple, hand-made HTML pages, just like online diaries used to be back in the early 1990's :-)

Pre-Project Blog describes earlier times with Doug.

Exploration Blog covers our trip early January 2003 to do the initial research and put together a demo. It features photographs and video.

Intermittent Blog covered the period up until the next chapter:

'Conversations with Doug' Filming in California Blog. This is the same as what's in Frode's Live Blog on Liquid for the same period (July 2003). It is presented here as a single web page with pictures and a bit of editing for (hopefully) more enjoyable reading.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch:


The web site is essentially complete. A bookend chapter was filmed in California for the 40th anniversary of Doug's demo.


The partners behind the documentary are Frode Hegland and Fleur Klijnsma.

Frode Hegland is a director of The Liquid Information Company, an initiative strongly influenced by Doug. The project's goal is to make all text deeply interactive. Frode graduated from Syracuse University with an advertising degree and a Masters in Human Computer Interaction from University College London Interaction Center. Originally from Norway he currently lives in London, living the dream of making text more interactive, information more liquid.

Fleur Klijnsma is also an accomplished actress and program maker, is both the presenter and co-producer. Fleur is not a geek but she is interested in, and understands thoroughly the important underlying issues, which is what she will pursue. We will learn about the motivations, the ideas, about the people themselves and about the relevance of the history today, while steering clear of tedious technical details. though not unfortunately, as presenter even though everyone involved thinks she brings an unparalleled charm and insight to bear on the people and the ideas.

Frode Hegland and Fleur Klijnsma have been given full, complete and unique access by Engelbart to document his life, philosophy and legacy. They have access to the entire original 1968 film footage of 'the mother of all demos', premiering most of his innovations and inventions for the first time. They have also access to family photographs never before seen in public.

Blog For more information about Doug Engelbart, visit his official site. A modern version of Doug's NLS interface which came out of this project.


Marlene Sery, without whom none of this would have been possible since she introduced Fleur and Frode. Kevin Perera for lodging in California for the filming of the pitch. And dinners. And drives. And being an amazing friend. Bruce Horn for the amazing flight & friendship over the years. Howard Rheingold and Jeff Rulifson for the initial interviews. Macmerchant for technica and inspirational support. Royal Bank of Scotland for financial assistance. Therese, Nick, Michael & Emily for their patience. D and the rest of the team at Starbucks, Tottenham Court Road, London. Ed Leahy for continued support and swashbuckling of ideas and directions. Harold Thimbleby for discussions and support.






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