Doug Engelbart's  I N V I S I B L E    R E V O L U T I O N


"It's not a computer"- Parallel Processing.
The way computers were.

Very casual, behind the scenes footage of a research trip.

We decided to visit Bletchley Park on a sunny Friday late June. One of the first computers ever was built here, during the second world war, in aid of the code-breaking effort.

For the documentary, it is important to set the scene for what things were like when Doug started his work. We take it for granted that we can use a computer- we just sit down and get to work. When Doug had his epiphany way back in 1951 though, you could not use the computer directly, you had to punch holes in little cards and wait for new punched holes.

This was only a recce trip, we were not really supposed to film anything, but we shot some behind the scenes footage.

It brought some amusing situations as we played around with our gracious host, Dr Peter Jarvis, introduced to us by Sue May.

As this was simple behind the scenes stuff, please excuse the terrible audio!