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note: this is a reverse chronological, chapertized Blog. This is because I find it less motivating to write the Blog if there is no specific reason (no end in sight...) so I write a chapter here and there.

As for the reverse chronology (current day at the bottom and it starts at the top), since it's a chapter, not a continuous Blog, I feel it makes more sense to read it from the beginning to the present (or the end) straight through. Not just get a random glimpse of a day without context.

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This blog is personal, but does cover the trip to San Francisco to make the teaser/promo for the Doug Engelbart Documentary and it also covers LiSA development.

Main people involved: Frode, me, author of the blog, com-producer of the documentary and designer of LiSA. Fleur, co-producer of the documentary and presenter, also actress and model. Janine, voice of LiSA. Therese, my wife and architecture student. Nick, Fleur's boyfriend. Henning, my brother. Doug, inventor of the mouse, hypertext and more, friend and subject of the documentary. Bruce, friend and original Mac coder, programmer of the first Finder. Kevin, friend since the mid 90's when we worked together in California doing design work. D, friend from Starbucks. Ian, also friend from Starbucks. Udy, friend from university. Harold, my professor at UCL. Kashif, friend and Mac dealer.




We're off!
Wednesday 8th January 2003

Fleur knocked. I woke up as from death. Got online, got emails checked. Rushed around. Nick showed me how the DV camera works. Got it all together. Had written a checklist the day before so it was not that hard to get it together. I am not usually that organized/anal, but still a bit dizzy from the virus so I thought it best. Had a 10 min coughing spell last night but no problems since. Temperature changes in my throat sets it off, that's all. Not dizzy or aching at all. So that's cool.

Kevin from versiontracker had emailed me a contract for the MacWorld Special. He agreed to the payment schedule. I immediately printed it out, signed it and photographed it. Best way for me to scan these days. I will have to fax him from SF though. Did launch LiSA 2.3 this morning so that we can pay for the versiontracker deal. I have $360 in the PayPal 'bank' unlocked only yesterday when Anved called from Norway with the credit card/membership number. Steve has had to pay more to Mikhail's so that we stay ahead of the payment game, not behind, which meant that the PayPal account we have with eJobShop is not $360 as well, but $50 now.

An emergent tiny issue became what to do with all the direct links to version 2.2 which go straight to the files. Some places, like Apple need a week to update. Others we may not even know about. So Mikhail and I discussed it.

On Tuesday, January 7, 2003, at 08:30 pm, Mikhail Seliverstov wrote:
Frode, maybe it would be better simply to redirect all the 2.2 requests to 2.3
files. So, when users try to download http://www.speakingassistant.com/sa2.2/LiSA_MacOSX.sit
they will get http://www.speakingassistant.com/sa2.3/LiSA_MacOSX.sit
instead. What do you think?
maybe. concerned only that they then might think they are getting the v 2.2
I can redirect the 2.2 requests to our 'DOWNLOADS' page. Is it ok?
So, when I should switch the redirection on?
Good question. I'll email you :-)

Janine is staying at the Marriott, which is amazing, Richard will be there and will take great care of her. He is just an amazing guru and friend. The simple things he says over coffee always works. Always makes a difference. For example when he told me to pay more attention to Therese and Henning. He's right. Therese is dealing so much more with her things and we are just falling so much back into snugness.

Henning picked us up. Drove of in the dark to the airport. Arrived in good time. Without Henning this just couldn't have come together. He may not be totally happy these days, especially with me, but he is wonderful and I love him and he's quite simply the best.

Walked past an ad/poster for the Royal Bank Of Scotland without the amazing help of Paul Johnston this trip could not have happened. So we snapped a paparazzi.

I thought eTicket meant that we had to go to the ticket line, so we did. Janine arrived and I whisked her away with us. We did NOT need to go the ticket line. Oh. Dizzy start.

Walked to the gate, Fleur screaming her lungs out on the luggage cart with Janine calmly walks the motorized horizontal escalator. People may just have thought we were late for a flight. But we'd proudly wait at the end of the travalator escalator to have Janine join us embarrassed.

09:40 Depart London (LHR) Arrive San Francisco (SFO) 12:50 Wed 8-Jan 11hr 10mn United Airlines 955 Nonstop flight

Boarded the plane to find snow flakes falling. Soon turning into real snow so the captain had to announce that we need de-icing. And that the company which just this seems to come around when it's time to go. Casual American. We are on our way. Think the girls were happy they got Starbucks aboard.... So we got nice and comfy. Though sure enough, the peace couldn't last forever - the oxygen masks behind us fell out.

Being here with Janine and Fleur is just great. Fleur is just too much fun. trolley - wheeled. Nutter! I mean, 'sausage... Janine just always gives me a permanent grin on my face. She is sooooooooo beautiful. And intelligent. And caring! Yesterday she actually asked me if it was ok for her to get in touch with Keith at MacUser. Like he's my exclusive buddy or contact or something. Just polite beyond words. Now she is asleep next to me, with little headphones on. Just a sugar overload. The men in her life, including her x are giving her grief. Are they fucking mad? She is the soul of the high seas, the spirit of the mountain. She is the sun that turns it all. A true, strong, growing angel. World. Keep up.

Dinner was all right and provided a little character clip for all of us. Fleur and I ordered pasta while Janine chicken. "This is mush but great" I said. "That is why I never order pasta on a plane- they can't do it al-dente"Janine the style queen comes back. I ask Fleur what she thinks; "Baby food! This is great!" So there you go.

The flight was kind of amazing. Typical United, first rate crew. We had a bit of a ball in the rear galley. Everyone talking and enjoying the view of Greenland. The camera kept popping up so I kind of had to show people the pics. Was talking to an architecture girl about SketchUp! anyway and showing her on the Ti so why not show the picies? It was amusing. Guess Fleur and Janine thinks all flights to the US is like this. And in a way they are, Fleur's life - little moments, the screaming along on the luggage cart, the voices, the 'I am going to work now' sentence before sleep sets in. Quite amusing in a sit-com way. Janine, she is working on her paperwork now. I'll just add some of those pics to the Blog and get some sleep.

Landed. Went through rows of smiling customs and other officials. Janine glowing with how friendly they all are. Kevin met us at the airport, which was huge relief. I had thought the chance of him making it was very small but there he was. Saw him just 3 days ago but this was just too much. Hopped in his car and streamed up the 101. The city soon rose up before us and we parked at the Marriott so that Janine could check in. Richard was in his chair in the business center looking great! I looked so strange with my beard half way there and straggly hair. Hey I'm sick remember?! Fleur got some of her work sorted out at his desk. Waited for Janine to get settled. Walked over to the Clouds Cafe for some salad while Janine went on and registered for MacWorld. She came back glowing even more with how friendly they all are at MacWorld. Who wouldn't be to Janine?... She was hungry by then so it was time for a Big Buck combo. It was bigger than her but she was undeterred. And Fleur just tir'd, with her first US Starbucks!

On the Bay Bridge Kevin turned of onto Treasure Island in the middle of the Bay Bridge. What a treat! What a view of the city! Fleur went mad. Ran down on the rocks so that she could touch the water. Told her to get something completely useless from the little souvenir shop. Which she did. "Frode needs children" she said. Uhm.

Fleur saw a comfy chair once in Kevin's door. Collapsed. We couldn't decide who should sleep where. Too tired to think. Fleur ended up downstairs after Kevin's momentous decision in the stairs when our brains stopped working. I got to sleep on the most amazing futon style pull out bed with many designer label sheets. Fleur ran right into a coma.
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SF, MacWorld & Doug 1
Thursday 9th January 2003

That was probably the best sleep I have ever had in my life. Many dreams. Woke up quite a few times but fell nicely asleep again. Dreamt of shopping with Mom & Dad & Therese in some generic Chinatown. And dinner in the dream. Hmm. Woke up Fleur. Also refreshed. Also had many dreams. Kevin caught up with some MacWorld email and some work. I caught up with some blogging. He told me about the new Monsoon speakers. Hmm.. Still think I need a set of Creature speakers. And yes, I finally got to shave!

Kevin took us down to grab some coffee and get the car. Rented another great character car from Rent a Relic. Hopped into the city via a slightly frantic gas-trip to Oakland where Fleur fell in love with a huge, huge, truck. I was worried I'd be late for Janine at the Apple booth- we hadn't budgeted that much time to be together but we had said I'd come by every half an hour in case she was held up in her morning meeting. But Janine is always kind of late though and that can be a bit annoying. Yesterday she said she just wanted to go drop her things in her room on check-in and it still took her so long to come down we started going to the lunch restaurant in little groups, based on Janine-waiting endurance. So I met her at 10:30. Fleur went to the Marriott to deal with her job in London. Janine and I talked with a very nice Apple rep who helped us navigate around the various ways of being listed at Apple and agreed to help mention how LiSA on machines at the Apple Stores would make the Mac sound even better. Then Janine had to go around the corner to talk with her co-worker. She'd be back in a minute. I kept talking to miss Apple. Janine didn't show. I kept asking other questions. Left. Walked down the corner. Found Janine of to the side with her friend. Hm. She is the princess, but holding court isn't always that easy. Should I talk to her about the timing thing or just wait til she reads the blog?

So a quick lunch at the Metreon (again) though Taco's and not the greatest. And Janine went of for her next meeting. We went to the Marriott and got some help with the video cable situation. Even had a chance to drop by the old Starbucks. Nice to see it again. Showed Fleur around. Looked in on the (much more crowded) office. Got a couple of California cards. Went back to MacWorld for half an hour I promised Fleur. Came back an hour later... So much for the whole being late thing. The plan was to grab some MacWorld magazine people for LiSA but found none. Did get a MacDirectory though with hints on how to get it in it and talked to some of the guys at Omni, about Graffle.

Drove down to Doug's. Talked hypertext and HyperScope in the car.

Fleur and Doug finally got to meet. No time was wasted in getting the first mouse out. She just had to have seen it. We went for coffee at cafe Borone by Keplers at Stanford. Drove by SRI on the way to shine the cars headlights on Doug's old office, where it all happened. Had some good toasted sandwiches. Fleur and & Doug got to know each other bit. Had a nice time.

Went back to Doug's. Got comfortable in the den. He demoed Augment. Fleur tried it and came away slightly puzzled: "this isn't hard to use, you just have to be a bit trained on it" - well there you go.

Taught her the logic and layout of the chorded keyset and how it works with the mouse. Showed her how Augment is laid out with a command area at the top and how the windows tile. The command language of verbs (actions, tools) and nouns (things, objects) was shown and Fleur got to play with it. A pretty thorough introduction!

Organized to meet with Jeff Rulifson on Monday. He was Doug's NLS architect and is also big shot at SUN. We hope he can help describe and give perspective on actually making Doug's 'dream' (not vision, a word we have to hide from the production for a while, too airy fairy) real.

Drove home in some serious rain pretty tired. Kash called just as Fleur put down the phone on Kevin's answering machine. Turns out he just walked into Janine so they were hanging out. We had to cancel dinner with them, but they didn't sound like it mattered. Janine was in an elevator earlier she told me, and saw a guy with t versiontracker.com T-shirt (This is MacWorld remember?) and said; 'hey we have a product with you guys' and he said; 'which one?' - 'LiSA' 'Hey I know LiSA, you work with Frode Hegland right? - 'yes, and I'm the voice!'

Chat on the way home. Quite a bit of traffic. Over the San Mateo bridge. Talked of Andrea and funny things there. Talked of Fleur not being a traditional 'caring' wife-type girlfriend to Nick. She doesn't naturally do things for people in a taking-care-of-them way. Maybe that's why she is not socially judgmental. She is just always no-stress.

Got to Berkeley. Wet, dark tired. No cash machine at Safeway. No evening snack. Went home, went to bed. The end.
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Doug 2
Friday 10th January 2003

Had a hard time thinking about Andrea last night. Strong friendship but things have been said recently which have always kind of been known. But in the open - ships change direction and winds strengthen. Hope she is strong enough to deal with this nonsense. Hope I won't get suck up some tradewind of inter-personal psychology and get confused. Anyway, night time thoughts.

Got the following message very early this morning:

From: Ken Loon Date: Thu Jan 9, 2003 To: <frode@liquidinformation.org> Subject: Mac reseller in Singapore

Hi Frode, I am Ken from Apple Computer South Asia and I have the regional Macintosh retail business under my care.

I came across LiSA on versiontracker and visited your web-site to find out more. Came across your blog regarding your recent visit to Singapore and the bad experience with one of my reseller there. I'm keen to find out the name of the reseller so that I can get my local office to fix them. I would like to purchase a copy of LiSA but I can't find any payment link on your web-site. If you are still in San Francisco, I can meet up with you to pay you cash for a copy. I'm writing to you from The Argent Hotel in San Francisco. :) I can be contacted via my mobile.
Best regards, Ken Loon Manager, Retail South Asia. Apple Computer South Asia Pte.

So we're having lunch. Scheduled to meet him around noon in SF. Must also get the radio mike cable. And seeing Doug around 4. Steve around 3pm and hopefully some time to go by the Apple Store in Palo Also to show them the bad screen, the bad pixels. Showed it to an Apple Care guy at MacWorld yesterday and he couldn't do much but said the team at the store could look at it. He agreed that I couldn't just call Apple and expect them to fix it, the severity of the issue would have to get looked at.

Tamara, Steve's PR lady. Got to email her. Did. see what happens.

Versiontracker sales are going well with 2.3. Will have to get the advertising contract fax sent and move the money over.

Called Mom & Dad this morning. They are walking around Vietnam on their way home from a restaurant. Used the California Card - a real cheap phone card - so it cost me less than a buck. The world is getting real small real fast. OK, been up since 5 dealing with emails and getting the old Blog closed and this one up to date. It's 9. Very hungry. Time to Wake Fleur up again and attack this world!

Had no cash so went down the road for an ATM and laundry. Got a funny picture of Fleur holding the clean shirts. This was after she got lost looking for the laundry itself on the other side of the road... OK, I agree you are not very domestic Fleur. So up to Peet's. Had run out of battery so I went got some. Took a pic of Fleur and two separate groups of people wanted to play with the Cybershot. Quite amusing- the whole point of the camera was that it was supposed to be unobtrusive. Went to Jack & Ann's next. Ordered fruit and some hot breakfast thing. To Go. Camped out in their front room and had it there though. With Peet's coffee. Laid back Berkeley!

Fear of the day? Not making all the meetings. Not getting the radio mike cable joiner. Not getting the camera to work. Not getting any Doug shots at all.

Went to meet with Ken after running up and down Market street for a cable solution. Janine was already at the Metreon Starbucks. Sat down at the backlit tables and tried out the cables while waiting for Ken who was on his way from Market street as well. The cables did not work. Bit stressed atmosphere. Janine politely tried to tell us about last night but I had to keep interrupting her with cable nonsense and Fleur worries.

Packed up and we all went to Clouds thing restaurant. Had just drinks & great discussion. Ken learnt what happened at his Singapore Apple Store. He explained his new idea for shareware distribution in stores, which is similar to Janine's business so that was cool. He also discussed his new Mac store which will also be an art gallery. On Bukit Timah road, pretty cool! We have to continue that discussion via email, that's for sure. Fleur actually got so bored at all the computer talk at one point she took a laptop to do something else. There's telling them! And the girls posed by ducks outside. Just that they were seagull. Anyway, birds.

Sped down to Palo Alto to meet Steve after dropping by a Taco place in East Palo Alto. Great food and Tupac on the radio. This is California. And we got some sun! Fleur kept running out of the restaurant to stay in the sun. What to say? And Fleur is on about her 10th 'Oh really'.

Steve was right on time at Starbucks. Fleur had gone on to look for the cable solution after another stop on the way to Starbucks yielded nothing in Palo Alto. It's simple really. 2 radio mikes which interface via XLR cables need to go into one mini jack on the camera.

Steve jumped on his bike and showed us the way to Fry's - they should have it. Walking in there he looked at this guys shirt; 'what are you looking at my chest for?' - 'you're an Earthlink guy, what are you doing here, stop staring at my chest!' Quite funny. So he helped us look. Fleur saw a gum-ball machine and promptly grabbed all my coins and fed the machine to fill her face. verdict; not very good. But necessary never the less. We found a Russian guy who simply said 'no, this is to complicated for what we have here' though we got a simple clip-on mike as a back up anyway and we went to a photo/video place. Steve back on his bike us in hot pursuit. Nope. Across the road, a music shop. Yup, they got it. But in the form of a $200 mixer. Not within our budget. Fleur tried suggest that Steve get it and we give it back for something he would want after the shoot. No dice. Funny try.

So we parted ways with Steve and headed over to Doug's place. Had to get a milk shake and burger and some Americana (and a can of Vanilla Coke. First Fleur had eve seen. Big occasion) on the way though so we called ahead and left a message for Doug saying we'd be a bit late. Was not a firmly scheduled meeting, we'd mention we'd be there around 4. But no Doug when we got there. So we drove of (Fleur first ran - needs the exercise apparently. She is accusing me of 'porking her up') and we called him on his mobile. Tailed around Middlefield onto 101 and back onto University while we arranged to meet for Dinner at 6. We would call for directions.

Dropped by the Apple Store. Showed Eric at the genius bar the screen. He agreed it's not within spec and should be fixed. Talked some appleblunders.com and some LiSA. Suggested how I talk to the Mail people about LiSA polite way of just checking again if LiSA and Mail checks the server for messages at the same time whereas Mail just throws up its hands in disgust. So that was useful. Fleur had gone ahead to a coffee shop next door to play with the audio. Verdict after another trip to the car for yet another cable connection; it works. But not both. Either one radio mike or one cable mike. Then the tape icon on the camera started blinking. Oh no. There is a tape in the camera. New tape tried. Didn't work. We'll see tomorrow morning.

Hoped Janine would call so we could arrange for dinner (we discussed going out together but of course we now had to be with Doug & Karen). Didn't hear from her. More crucially wanted to discuss tomorrow with Bruce and flying and how much time she wanted sight-seeing etc. Hope she is ok. But annoying not so be planned out for tomorrow as of course I want her to get what she wants done while we get the filming done. And I talked to Bruce earlier today, while at the cloud place and we agreed to meet 9:30am in Palo Alto. Not a lot of time to arrange what to do in the morning then. So I just left her a message on the hotel phone.

Got through to Doug and we made our way to Nola for dinner. Fleur and I could only fit two small salads. And some fireworks. -  Suggesting the gift of a web-based discussion service, as part of the documentary web site project, to help augment Doug's team discuss how to build the HyperScope. It was not well received. Watch out for a few paragraphs of grief...

I am passionate and used language which he told me was too much like 'do this my way or else'. We kind of got past that part. Then he said this discussion service/forum (with relatively formal protocols on how to post articles and how to comment on them etc.) would be a potential candidate for a HyperScope - 'so don't do it on your own kid.'

But the dialog on how to do it with the current people, including Dorai and Mei Lin would need the discussion forum I felt. So it became a loop.

We could use it do build a HyperScope. So why not make it a part of the HyperScope he asked? Because we don't have a way to discuss how to build it. I just wanted them to have it as a tool, like a pen and paper, as a way to have structured discussions on the HyperScope. But Doug doesn't want duplication of efforts or me doing something and saying 'here, this is my way, now use it.' So he doesn't want me forcing a system. I can see that.

He wants everyone to discuss, - have dialog- on what to do. But he won't endorse specific approaches. And I don't know what to do. So many circles. So much spinning of wheels. Bootstrapping is great. But you gotta start with the ground, tools to help you talk. But which may (or may not, logically it's better if it is, project management wise better if it is not, maybe) not be a part of the future HyperScope. But there you go, I said 'gotta' so I am forcing my opinion. What to do!?

This is emotionally and intellectually confusing. I'll try again. I wanted Doug to be seen in the documentary to be working on something now, not just being stuck with spinning wheels. Fleur agreed (to the way I presented it anyways). Doug has been wanting to do a HyperScope for years. Essentially a better way to view and navigate documents, initially web pages. It would be great to have that as something so show in the documentary, or at least show it being worked on. But the work is taking too long. The people working on it do not have this as their full time job. Brilliant as though Dorai, Jack Park, Mei-Lin, Eugene and others are, the dialog for; how to define the initial spec (kinda done) then discuss it and - re-fine, re-define it - is messy and un-structured. Whenever more than a few people get involved, it just becomes an email/mailing list flood. Too many messages to keep track of and very hard to see how a new version is reached or any decision is reached at all. So they need a HyperScope to deal with the work.But that's what they're building. Loop again.

So forget that building a real HyperScope. not for me nor the documentary to get directly involved. They can do it. I just want to help them get it done.

The documentary will hopefully be a help for Doug. Could I maybe put in some money and direction through the documentary to help Doug get some real coding done? That would be a great thing I thought. Not directly in the HyperScope though. First the way it is worked on needs help. So the discussion forum.

This is why I am separating the discussion forum from the HyperScope. Same thing conceptually in a few feature areas. But one is built as a simple tool, the other to evolve.

It would work like this: Users go to a web page to post articles and make comments on others articles as well as make comments on documents somewhere else, like hand made HTML document. Users could not just post their articles one after the other though. That would not add any structure. Whenever they add a comment, they have to specify if it is in support of that other persons comment, whether its a technical correction or so on.

This would allow a more flexible viewing mechanism for going through the discussion threads later. Users could see discussions based on which thread discussed a certain aspect of the spec, which were technical and which supportive etc.

A moderator, (Doug) would also be able to go though these discussions and 'stamp' (well click) status labels on them. This one is 'off track'. This one I consider 'complete' and so on.

But again, unfortunately, this is kinda close to an actual sub-feature-set of a real HyperScope. So Doug wondered why duplicate the effort? And why not collaboratively design this with the current team? I think it should be collaboratively designed, but not spent too much time on as after all, this is a tool to help them do real collaborative design.

Separately we did get to go through some ways to manually add HTML tricks to get paragraph level links and such.Not even Fleur complained when we pulled out the Titanium in a party bar for this. It's funny, ended up with not a single pic of Fleur this dinner.

Ended friendly enough though. But I think we'll have to do the documentary without any original added work. This will have to be a documentary which simply shows what is happening, not trying to make something happen for the future and documenting it.

The drive back was beautiful, low slung, delicately textured clouds seen from our gently float over the Dumbarton bridge. Talked of the evenings frustrations. Talked about why this is important and why it may be arrogant. Even now it was impossible to get angry or even slightly annoyed at Fleur. And this was an exhausting and depressing evening.

Decided we will have to be observers for this documentary. We can not try to also be catalysts. At least we got that straight. And Fleur got a better picture of Doug. Plus it is always nice to spend time with Karen and Doug. So not a wasted evening. Just a tough one.

Kevin had just arrived when we got home. We just crumpled into bed. Typed just a bit of the blog. Real long day, hope you don't mind it's a bit short on exposition.

Now we just have to hope that at least one camera will give us good picture and sound of Bruce for an interview in the morning + aerial shots and Doug in the afternoon for the first filming. We are running out of time...
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Saturday 11th January 2003

Bit harder to wake up today. Guess that means I'm not so jet-lagged anymore. Got up at 5 to blog and get the camera ready. Took my last virus pills yesterday of the 4 day treatment. So I am officially well.

Janine was supposed to come with us but she was too tired and not feeling well at all. So Kevin came instead. I am very grateful he decided to come.

Went through the gear. It all looks fine though the large cameras battery hadn't lit up so we don't know if its charged.

Breakfast at Semifredi's in Berkeley, just down the street from Kevin's. Real nice sour dough and Odwalla. Got some garlic and some tomato in a jar which we spread on the bread. Went into the car again, Kevin's nice silver Audi A4. Got in in a bit of a rush. Kevin drove over Fleur's foot! She was not hurt but very surprised. Kevin later said, at the runway; 'I understand what you mean about this woman being calm and unstressed, most women would have been a bit upset if someone drove over their foot!' Welcome to the freaky world of Fleur Kevin!

Met up with Bruce at the University Cafe in Palo Alto. He demoed iFile. iFile is the future. Can't say much here but it's all dynamic. It reaches out for contextual information to organize the users life. Lets the user elegantly add organization when they want to. The first incarnation of iFile is a picture organizer to say as little as I am allowed. We discussed how it could relate to blogging. Very fee commercial software which does anything specifically for blogging these days (I can think of none). Having blogged for a while now I definitively think the organization of the pictures for the blog is what takes the most donkey time. So a bit of use there for me to designate a few pictures, add some keywords maybe and say these are today, those yesterday, prepare the images and HTML and put them on my blog would be very very useful.

The ride to the airport was not very long. Bruce made the plane ready and we just took off. Nothing complicated. Nothing scary or big deal. Hop in, taxi, take off. Had expected something else. I mean, we were flying! And we were flying low. Very low. Over the hills past 101, 280 and to the sea. Up towards the Golden Gate bridge. Turned twice. Got some nice footage of the bridge though I am a bit unsure about the focus on this thing. Came back down to get some nice shots of Stanford, SRI, PARC and Silicon Valley in general. What an experience! Came back to earth happy and less excited than expected as well. Bruce had made it just so comfortable. Bruce pushed the tiny plane into position and tied it down. The gas guy came over and filled 'er up. I was concerned about how much cash I would be able to take out of the ATM for lunch and gas money so I made the flippant geek-type joke about lunch. It just seemed to fitting; 'there is just one important question; what do you want for lunch?' And I waited the longest time, 'the sky's the limit' hoping he wouldn't think of anything very expensive. But Bruce ain't no snob.

Taxis provided the happy lunch break. Burgers, burgers, burgers and burgers. With shakes. But veggie burger for Fleur.

And a search for a UK to US cable adaptor all up and down University again. Fleur found a key on the ground. Turned out it belonged to a vespa. We all really wanted to just take it and go, but Fleur left it on the seat, half hidden.

Went to Bruce's parents for the interview. Set it all up, asked him in the most unprofessional manner to come up with something and he did. Bruce explained the transition from SRI type augmentation to PARC type lager issues of drawing in a large