Quick script overview meeting Doug had just flown in from Oregon and was about to leave for a meeting and we were on our way to Robert Taylor. Doug wanted more emphasis on the hard time building NLS and on the ARPANET which we have brushed past so far. I was a bit shocked at how I sounded; a bit like a jerk actually, my joking comments not really coming across as such and we seemed to skip past Doug's comments, though we took note and will act on them. Note to self; Fleur stays in front of the camera!

script Section 1 Content: OVERVIEW Section 2 Content: GROWING UP Section Content: EPIPHANY Section 4 Content: THE VISION EXPLAINED Section 5 Content: SOCIAL REALITY CHECK Section 6 Content: BREAKTHROUGH Section 7: Content: PROVE IT! He can talk the talk but can he walk the walk: paper. Section 8: Content: CLIMAX The mother of all demos. Section 9: Content: CRASH: The crusade loses popularity as new zeitgeist takes over. Section 10: Content: EPILOGUE/THE FUTURE How does Doug see his contribution? What of his vision remains? Current script (of the time)