The Mouse

Question: The mouse, it's the big thing everybody knows about, but it's not the whole story is it?
Answer: No, it's like we built the first car and this is the windwhield wiper...

Doug Engelbart invented the computer mouse in 1963-64 as part of an experiment to find better ways to point and click on a display screen. This was fashioned downstairs in the shop at SRI, with the casing carved out of wood, with just 1 button - that's all there was room for. Subsequent model of the mouse very soon had three buttons; Engelbart would have gone for more buttons but there was only room for three of the then-available micro-switches.

The patent he got for the mouse 1963-64 was called: "X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System". Why didn't he get rich from the mouse? It didn't achieve widespread use until the patent expired.

The first mouse

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Recorded: Session 2. 7/25/2000. Interviewed at Dr. Engelbarts residence in Atherton, California, late in the evening by Frode Hegland @.


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