Operating System Thoughts

If you talk to one of the main operatig system companies today such as Apple (MacOS) or Microsoft (Windows) today and say a major change is necessary, what major point, of the same magnitude as the mouse, would you suggest?
Maybe then the role of OS manufacturers is to keep the plumbing, the APIs clean and open?
Answer: It's more the applications which support knowledge work I feel particular about...
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Keywords: OS, Apple, MacOS, Microsoft, Windows, API, applications, interface, device interface, OHS, evolution, proprietary file formats, organizational use, end user organizations, marketplace, Microsoft Word, HTML, XML, interlinking, natural vocabulary, verbs, nouns, knowledge content portrayal and manipulation, LINUX, Star Office, opensource,
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Recorded: Session 2. 7/25/2000. Interviewed at Dr. Engelbarts residence in Atherton, California, late in the evening by Frode Hegland @.


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